All about us

History & background


  • In operation since 1959, we are experts in the production of the finest oils.
  • 3 generations of the Ferrer family have devoted their lives to the production of oil in La Sierra y Cañones de Guara National Park.
  • Our passion has seen us create unique oils and preserve endangered hundred-year-old olive trees.

Our facilities

Back in 1959, when our company began, we had a stone mill and a press to work on the olives which arrived at our olive facilities. The desire to improve the oils made at the time and the search to obtain the highest quality in these oils saw us rethink whether the facilities we had would be capable of achieving these goals.
Hence, from 1997, our oil mill has been in a constant process of modernisation, implementing the very latest technology available in our extra virgin olive oil production and preservation process.

Our orchards

We have always worked with Verdeña, Negral and Alquezrana olives, varieties which find themselves endangered nowadays. Thus, the oil we make is exclusive, coming from unique trees.

Furthermore, the olive trees in our orchards are a century old, planted on terroirs and cultivated in a very environmentally-friendly way, meaning the biodiversity present in our orchards is preserved.

Our olive grove is part of the landscape and cultural heritage of La Sierra y Cañones de Guara National Park.

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